Handwriting Classes

  • Develop use of legible handwriting to communicate effectively

  • Develop the facility, speed, and ease of handwriting

  • Provide opportunities to use handwriting skills as an integral part of the writing process.

  • To enable students to understand the importance of content and legibility in writing for genuine audiences.

Pupil Skill
KG - 2nd

  • For Children Aged 4-6

  • Fun-filled learning

  • Learn Phonics 

  • Develop Fluency through reading.

  • Story with rhyming 

  • Vocabulary building 

  • Creative Writing

  • Voice Modulation

  • Become a Kid poet using rhyming techniques imaging his/her own poem.


Champion Skill
6th - 8th

  • For Children Aged 11-13

  • Thesaurus Wonder

  • Accent & Speech clarity

  • Overcoming from hesitation

  • Creating an e-book

  • Articulation(Learn to manifest yourself in public)

  • Master in English 

  • Skill projects

Competitor Skill
3rd - 5th

  • For Children Aged  7- 10

  • Activity Based

  • Reading and writing habits.

  • Creative Writing

  • Storytelling 

  • Voice Modulation

  • Conversation (Live interaction)

  • Glossary words 

  • Become an author by theme & plot method.

Regular Classes 
KG - 8th​

  • For Children Aged  4 -13

  • Study as per textbook.

  • Instant doubt resolving

  • Extra classes are available as per the student's requirement.

  • Monthly E- tests

  • Clarity and understanding of the concept.


      Our curriculum is adaptable to the student and can be Tailor-made as per student's requirements.